Sep 17

One year ago I’ve installed Windows XP x64 SP2 on my intel Macbook 13′! Of course I’ve encountered some problems during the installation.

When I inserted the disk, my keyboard didn’t worked and the only message I’ve got was:

“Select CD-Rom Boot Type:_”

After a couple of hours passed on the Internet, i found a solution. The problem was in the method of burning of an installation disc. So the solution is:

- Download imgburn for windows and install it.

1. Insert Windows Install disc into CD/DVD drive, or mount the Windows Install disc image.
2. Using the build mode of imgburn, go to the advanced tab, then bootable disc and then select your CD/DVD drive in the extract boot image drop down list. Go ahead and extract the boot image and store it somewhere on your hard drive.
3. Go to the information tab and add your CD/DVD drive or a virtual drive with mounted Windows Install image as the source file.
4. Options tab, check that file system is ISO9660 + IDF and UDF revision is 1.02 (should be anyway by default).
5. Go to Advanced tab, sub tab Restrictions and further sub tab ISO9660: Set Folder / File length to Level X and tick the four check boxes at the bottom (allow more than 8 directory levels, Allow more than 255 characters in path, Allow files without Extensions, Don’t Add ‘;1’ Version number to Files. (Note it’s this bit that actually solves the problem the rest is effectively just duplicating the existing disc).
6. Move to the bootable disc tab: Click the tick box to make the image bootable, emulation type to “none (custom)” and the browse and select the boot image you previously extracted from the windows disc. Finally set Sectors to load to 4.
7. Click the big create iso button to create the bootable iso.
8. And use that iso to burn a new install disc.

It worked for me and after thet I’ve installed normally Windows XP x64 on my Macbook.

I found all necessary drivers on the Internet, except the firewire 400 controller driver.  Windows works properly till today!

Hope that will help someone :)

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